Random Access Memory

I’ve been sitting here now for about 40 minutes and until these words showed up, my laptop’s screen’s been blank.

Likewise, my mind’s pretty much been in the same state. For some that’s hard to believe, no doubt. But hell, even the best hard drives freeze up sometimes.

So, time to re-boot. While my memory and databanks rebuild themselves, I’ll just scroll through my massive photo folder and see if I find anything that jogs me into a creative word or two.

Don Knotts watches the haunted organ play in “The Ghost & Mr. Chicken”.

“The Ghost & Mr. Chicken”: The movie I saw the first time I went to a drive-in theater, the first scary movie I ever saw, and the first and only movie I ever watched while wearing pajamas in the back of my parents’ green Bonneville station wagon.

Oh, and it also was only the greatest movie ever made, starring the greatest actor of all time, Don Knotts.

Yeah, yeah – so maybe “Citizen Kane” probably gets a couple votes for best movie ever too. And that Orson Wells guy was pretty good in it. But Wells could never have done “The Ghost …” like Knotts did, nor could he do this:

I rest my case.

Lemme see what else do I have in here. Oh, here’s something straight off the pages of the latest news venues. Not exactly Page One, but not back there with the “Help Wanted” ads either.

You’ve heard stories about the little orphaned piglets being taken in and nursed by the kindly mama farm cat or dog, of course. Well, this is another one of those kind of events. Calf orphaned during trip to beach with mother, lonely mama dolphin passing by … the rest is nature at its most heartwarming best.

Another story of love triumphant over seemingly impossible circumstances …

Since we’re speaking of nature, now that we’ve seen one of its greatest achievements, above, I suppose in the interest of fair and balanced reporting, I also must include an example of nature’s dark side.

No, it is far worse than that. Truly, this is one of the all-time greatest crimes against nature, human or otherwise.

Oh, the horror … the horror …

OK, I do believe the old brain up there is revving back up to speed. Better than ever.