Second verse, same as the first …

What’s even funnier than a blogger with one titanium knee?

A blogger with two titanium knees!

Well, let’s hope that’s true. As I did just last month, I’m once again heading into the hospital in a few hours for my second knee replacement operation. I figured I’ve been having so much fun with the first one, hell, who wouldn’t want to do it all over again?

And this way I’ll have matching leg scars. Neato.

Just wanted to let you and the rest of my fantastic readers know that I may not be around for a few days, but I’ll be back soon. Definitely before the new pain meds run out – as I mentioned the last time, I do seem to be a more creative writer while under the influence. Let’s see if I can keep the streak going.

So, have no fear, I shall return. And maybe then, with two new knees, I can fulfill my physical therapist’s expectations for me and my rehab. Igor tells me if I work real hard and put my heart and soul into it, I soon will be able to …

… walk this way.


Out from under the knife

“Here big guy, take another swig of whiskey and then bite down on this stick.”

I don’t remember having to do this the time i had an operation..

“Last time you had better insurance.”

Oh, OK. Is there a phone in here?

“Yeah, but you’re in no shape to use it. I’ll get it.”

Thanks so much.

“Got it. Who do want me to call for you?”


And so it goes, well maybe not exactly. But it’s done. One knee kaput, removed, replaced. And one stick that never tasted so good.

It’s a beautiful thing.

There’s not a lot to say at this point. Actually, come to think about it, there are a couple items to report.

One, OUCH.

And two – kids, don’t try this at home.