About gswaterman

Glenn Waterman is a former semi-pro writer-editor who for many years was paid to write for the Journal Inquirer newspaper in Manchester, Conn. Since the day he walked out of the paper for the last time some 10 years ago, the native Nutmegger has sincerely missed getting away with what really was the best thing he ever did in life – be a wordy-wiseass-for-hire.

So he’s writing again. Well, in public, that is. And also hoping to once again be paid to do such a cowardly thing. So he heartily, though humbly, asks that readers not only send their comments, but also cash. All denominations joyfully accepted.

Waterman lives in Vernon, Conn., with his wife, three dogs and four cats – and given the family history – that’s pretty lonely.


9 thoughts on “About gswaterman

  1. Love the photos you come up with for the job. Not sure which I enjoy more. Would love to see an alternating blog with Tree though. Would be hilarious (I think)

    • Muchas gracias for the praise and thanks for the suggestion, Godess D! Can always use another idea to keep this thing going in a daily way. Oh, and the photos? Merely a distraction. Figure if the post bombs, the pictures will save me.

  2. Hi, I hope he hits his stride from the jump! If you can write anything that stirs what’s left of the primordial soup, then it’s has to be taken firmly on your shoulders! There’s lots of people who can be funny once, but a handful that know why that’s funny! I thank you for the follow! Please get writing again, you can do it!

  3. many thanks for coming by my Little Debbie funny names post today 🙂 Love that I get to meet new blogger folk when I show up there. You’ve got good style here for sure and your blog title is especially fantastic.

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