Is it real, or is it Oreo?

original oreoLike most all-American persons, I like snack foods. So much so, I eat them all the time. Well, that’s not exactly true. I do take a break from eating snacks now and then.

Usually when I run out and have to go get some more.

There aren’t many snack foods I won’t eat, but there is one you’ll never catch me scarfing down – Oreos. Not a big fan of them. Don’t want to dunk them into my milk. Don’t care to twist their necks, pull their cookie heads off and just eat their insides. Nope, Oreos are safe around me.plain old oreosMilk’s favorite cookie? Not in my milk you don’t.

That said, you can imagine my surprise the other night when my wife and I were eating cookies. I was on my fifth one when a thought occurred to me.

“Um, what am I eating, by the way?”


“No freaking way, I don’t like Oreos.”

“Good thing then – I’m scared to imagine what you’d be doing if you did.”

“These aren’t Oreos. Oreos are black and white. These are yellow and uh, more yellow-er.”

“Special, limited edition Oreos. Lemon Twists.”lemon oreosIntroducing the Trojan Oreos.

I felt tricked. Bamboozled even. I was going to yell “No fair!,” but I was raised right and don’t talk with my mouth full. It’s not every day that one has a snack food revelation of such diabolical proportions. How could this be?

I needed answers. So I did what any naturally-curious all-American snack-food-eating person does in such a situation. I went to my laptop and Googled: “Oreos.” And found that not only are Oreos everywhere, they’re … everything.

Warning: The following images are graphic. They just may unhinge you to the core. As well give you a sugar high like you’ve never felt before.
banana split oreos

candy corn oreo

strawberry milkshake oreos

peanutbutter oreos

watermelon oreos My God, does it ever end? Nope.

Creamsicle oreos

Berry-Burst-Ice-Cream oreos

ice cream oreos“Shure, Bert!” Really? Really? Really.

gingerbread oreos

fudgesundae oreos

peppermint oreos

That was it. There were many more, but I could look no more. I stumbled from the computer room and into the living room, clutching my stomach, nearly drenched in sweat.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Oreos, they’re everywhere. No snack food is safe. They’re taking all of them over.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Oreos … Oreos are taking the place of all of the snack food, I tell you. Did you ever see that movie, ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’?”

“No, why? Did it have Oreos in it?”


3 thoughts on “Is it real, or is it Oreo?

    • And that’s just the way Nabisco wants it. One day we’ll wake up and they’ll be everywhere and everything. Mothers all over the world: “Junior, you’re not leaving the table until you eat all of your broccoli … Oreos!”

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