How now, those brows?

The great thing about the Internet is it puts an enormous amount of information at one’s fingertips.

The worst thing about the Internet is it puts an enormous amount of information at my fingertips.

I have a habit of actually paying attention to every silly little “news” item I come across on the Internet, even though they often make no sense whatsoever to me. And it’s not because these stories would ever be mistaken for being newsworthy. The gargantuan Internet audience’s never-sated hunger for stories, pictures and videos killed the idea of only uploading something newsworthy a long, long time ago.

But still I check each one out. I think it’s a form of jealous self-torture, actually. A sort of twisted ex-reporter’s self-destructive jab to look at these and mutter, “They actually pay people to write this drivel? I must have been in the bathroom when they handed out these assignments. Sheesh.”

Take Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, for example.

The duchess certainly has a lot of going for her, more than enough positives to attract the intense attention and interest of not only the Brits, but the world.

She’s beautiful. She’s married to a handsome prince. She can wear a hat that looks like a hubcap wrapped up with a bow and get away with it. And most remarkable of all, she seems to be a genuinely nice person. Just take a look at her and you’ll realize she exudes a unique, wholesome “the-duchess-next-door” quality.

Yet with all that and more about her, it just doesn’t seem to be enough. Who cares who made her dress, who she showed up with at a party, what she seemed to be saying to Prince William as they boarded a plane, the world really needs to know … how did she get those great-looking eyebrows?

You know, this is ironically funny. I was wondering just that the other day. In fact I said to some friends: “Hey, have you seen the Duchess of Cambridge lately? Whoa-ho, nice pair of eyebrows, eh?”

Be honest – you’d love to look over and see these eyebrows staring back at you.

So, if I noticed them, of course they didn’t get past the ever-intrepid Duchess-watchers and reporters across the pond. According to the UK’s Mirror website, “speculation has been rife about whether she has had them threaded, dyed or slightly more bizarrely, tattooed in.”

Good God Save the Queen! “Rife” you say! This is serious stuff. The Duchess inked?!? Could there be a Her Majesty’s Royal Tattoo Parlor in the basement of Buckingham Palace?

Well, it turns out that they’re not threaded (huh?), dyed or inked. Seems it’s just a tricky makeup move, according to the site.

The duchess “uses Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Powder in Sable and she uses a slanted make-up brush to ‘fill-in’ her brows and frame her face.”

You know, it’s true. Thanks to the Internet, you can learn something new every day. And not only that, it’s news you can use. Blimey!


2 thoughts on “How now, those brows?

  1. So you know, nearly any woman can tell: those eyebrows are waxed and/or plucked. *Then* they’re filled in with the eyeshadow (a very old trick).

    Hope the knee is feeling better!!

    • Ha – love it. So you know, I do believe I now know more about eyebrows than the good Lord ever intended for me. Royal ones, to boot. God save the tweezers!

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