Of bulls and bulldogs

It’s July 7th and for Pamplona, in Spain’s north region, that means the San Fermin Festival is into it first full day of wild celebration to commemorate St. Fermin, the city’s patron saint. But also more famously, or infamously, this long-running annual fiesta is well-known for … the running of the bulls.

As always, it draws people from not only Spain but everywhere in the world.

A photo taken not too far from the maddened crowd. (Susana Vera / Reuters)

Thousands and thousands of people are happy enough to just drink the wine and revel for nine days. But a few hundred are not completely happy unless they drink the wine, revel and then run away from a bunch of bulls.

A photograph taken far above the maddened bulls and the mad running revelers. (NBC news)

Ironically, July 7th just happens to be one day in another long-running festival that is celebrated daily in my neck of the woods – the Sealy Posturepedic Siesta Fiesta. And while there’s no wine, very little reveling and no patron, matron or New Orleans saints commemorated, it is well-known for … the sleeping of the bulldogs.

You run around these guys and you could trip and hurt yourself.

Not surprisingly, it’s also a festivity that draws its fair share of fanatical followers.

Who needs wine? Could use a couple pillows though.

Just goes to show you that no matter where you look, you can find a spectacle. Party hearty, world.


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