“We can rebuild him …

… we have the technology.”

Two things:

First, I want to thank every reader, visitor, stumble-uponer and follower of this blog. It’s been an absolute blast from Day One. And rest assured (or be warned) – there’s so much more fun to come. For, in the words of that famous poet … no, not Robert Frost, Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters:

We’ve only just begun ….

Second, I’m going to have to step away from the laptop for a bit as I’m going under the knife to have the first of two knee replacement surgeries. But be warned – I really hate not writing. So, maybe the hospital has free wi-fi and heck, who knows? I just may write better under anesthesia.

In any case, this is just a temporary setback for me – and respite for you. For, in the words of that famous philosopher … no, not Plato, Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The  Terminator”:

I’ll be back.