We’re in the money, right?

Sorry I’m late to post tonight. Been sitting by the side of the road in front of my house, waiting for the mailman to bring me my check from Mark Zuckerberg.

My mailman usually comes around 4 or so, but I figure since he’s probably got a truck full of checks, it’s been taking him a little longer to make his rounds today. Didn’t figure it’d take this long, though.

Anyway, we should be getting checks, right? I mean, Facebook went public today. It’s up on the New Your Stock Exchange’s Big Board down on Wall Street, riding the electronic ticker tape for all the world to see and buy shares in it. At $38.25 a pop, as of the closing bell today.

Zuckerberg’s supposedly worth 19 billion and change tonight. And all he did was tap out some strings of computer code, some software, in college. And I hear that there are employees working for him who’ve become instant multi-millionaires as well. And what did they do for it? Just write some more software to go along with his software.

But you, me, and 899,999,998 other people, we are Facebook. Without us, this thing wouldn’t have a like button, heck, even a self-destruct button, to save itself. The faces of Facebook don’t all look the same – like some curly-haired 28-year-old geek in a hoodie. They’re us, all of us.

So that makes us more than shareholders. Much more than that – we’re the virtual brick-and-mortar of the thing. Zuckerberg’s not Facebook. If he is, then delete us. What’s left? OneGoofyFacebook. Am I right?

Of course I am. Never doubted it, not for a second.

I’m sure the check is in the mail.


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