Make mine a not-so-au naturel life

No surprise that the mood, like the dress code, is rather relaxed at the Nudist Expo 2012, a two-day convention sponsored by The Nudist Clubhouse and held in Las Vegas. (Really, where else do you throw a nudist convention but on “The Strip”? Don’t even think about it, Omaha.)

I’m sure the conventioneers are having a shamelessly good ol’ time. Good for them, but not so good for the bellhops hoping to lug luggage to their rooms for tips. These people could show up with just the clothes on their backs, shed them and send them to the hotel cleaners and then wear them again on check-out day.

But, bottom line – I’m not so sure we humans really were made for livin’ la vida nuda. I mean, let’s face it – most of us just are not all that good-looking when we aren’t wearing any clothes. The Adonis or Venus de Milo periods during our lives are pretty short-lived. Eventually, for most all of us letting it all hang out is just not the way we want to hang out with other people.

After all, let’s remember that God created the fig leaf after he created the first man and woman, living naked together in the Garden of Eden. My guess would be soon after.


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