All the news that causes fits

A three-year-old boy docking-and-dining at his mother’s breast? The president says same-sex marriages are okie-dokie as far as he’s concerned and poof – he’s gay???

Is this really “Time”? Is that really “Newsweek”? Yeah, it’s them. Pull aside their startling covers and you’ll find the stories inside as straightforward journalism as ever. But good golly, these aren’t the staid-looking Time and Newsweek magazines that I remember.

Maybe everything is relative. If Time and Newsweek are shock-wrapped now, then those screaming tabloids that once plastered the shelves along the supermarket check-out lines must be keeping pace. These stodgy news guys can’t possibly outshock the National Enquirers of the world, or the best, the most over-the-top tabloid rag of them all – the World Weekly News? Say it ain’t so.

So I went a-googling. Of course the World Weekly News has a website. But fear not, it may have lost the paper, but its still got the pulp.

 Whew. Thank goodness. All is still not right with the world.


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