Welcome to the dark side

tanorexic tanning-mom-doll

New York Post

By now, just about everyone’s read about, heard from and gawked at Patricia Krentcil, above left, the 44-year-old New Jersey woman who wants to be a rotisserie chicken when she grows up.

And probably just as many people have read about, heard about and gawked at the “tanorexic” doll, above right, that an “enterprising” Connecticut novelty toy company has rushed onto its website to make a few bucks before this leather-wrapped woman’s infamy burns out.

A funny-in-a-sick-way story. A mind-boggling-in-many-ways story. A weird-in-just-about-any-way-you-look-at-it story. But not the whole story, lately. Somehow one part of it appears to have been pushed to the side, almost forgotten.

There’s a 6-year-old kid in this story. A 6-year-old girl who calls this woman Mama. And a 6-year-old child who police allege was lead, by the hand of her mother, into an ultra-ultraviolet world. Maybe not? Consider this – would a person who, for whatever reason, believes this is good for herself, not think this would be good for her daughter as well?

Krentcil says she knows why this is happening to her. Call it a dark force. “There’s somebody out there my whole life that doesn’t like me because they’re jealous, they’re fat and they’re ugly,” she told reporters the other day.

Sadly, enough said.


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