Bites from the Big Apple’s past

I had every intention of writing this afternoon but before I started I checked out a website mentioned in an article I’d read the other day. A little item about a recently released online database of 870,000 photos from the New York City Municipal Archives. Photos taken throughout the 20th century; an enormous photographic chronicle of the city, including shots from every walk of life, construction, crime, business and more. The photos were culled from the archives collection of more than 2.2 million images.

It’s an incredible walk down the memory lanes of a truly great American city. Since I’ve been there all afternoon I figured I’d post some examples, below. (Above, race time at the Flushing Race Track, the Markus Mercury Wheel Club, June of 1894).

Queensboro Bridge construction, 1907Italian vegetable sidewalk stand, Bleeker Street, 1937

Left, Queensboro Bridge under construction in 1907. An Italian vegetable sidewalk stand, right, on Bleeker Street, near the Church of Our Lady of Pompeii, in August of 1937.

Times Square theaters, 1938    Times Square, 1938.

Brooklyn Bridge painters work high above the city, 1915

Brooklyn Bridge painters at work high above the city in 1915.

Check it out:

(All photos courtesy of NYC Municipal Archives)


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