What if they held an election …


… and nobody voted?

At my ever-advancing age, I’ve voted in quite a few presidential elections. Not once have I stepped into a voting booth, pulled the curtain closed and not already known my pick to run this country for the next four years. And always long before I ever got to that point.

But as of this moment, I may have to update that statement.

I’m an often times socially-conscious, mostly fiscally-conservative, always-registered Republican who has been known to side with the Democrats on issues that included spending a lot of my money. In other words, I’m an Everyvoter. I’ve never voted for a party; I’ve voted for the man I thought would do the best job.

After all, it is the whole damn country we’re talking about here.

I’ve been right about my choice some times, been wrong about it too. Who knew Jimmy Carter was a better author than a president? He hadn’t written a book yet.

But for the first time, so far I haven’t a clue. And it couldn’t come at a more frightening and unstable time for this country, for this world. I should know, we should know, who we think will best get us out of this fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

Could one be better than the other? Maybe, but I fear not by very much. Could one do worse? Probably, and I fear by very much.

So many questions. So far, few answers. This time, I just don’t know.

Do you?

Does anybody in this country – not counting these two guys – know who they’re voting for at this moment?


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