OK, so here’s the plan …

This “blogging” thing came to be in the late ’90s. Pretty soon here a blog, there a blog, just about everywhere a blog-blog. Lonely-hearted people in darkened fern bars discreetly exchanging blog addresses instead of phone numbers. Half-wit politicians and Mel Gibson righteously and rightly subjected to public bloggings. But still, the sidelines for me. Nifty idea, but who knew if it was going to last?

Well, it’s survived the quick arrival and slow departing of MySpace (MyWho?), has faced off admirably, though much less profitably, against Facebook and can tweak Twitter in 140 characters, or more. At last count, in 2011, there were 156 million public blogs out there.

All of this leads to a few pretty safe, obvious conclusions. One, blogs seem able to do what pigs cannot. Two, pity the poor fool hired to count them last year – unless it was piecework. And three – beginning today I’m going to:

Look. Listen. Think. Write. Here.

Seems as good a time as any; I’ve got at least 156 million bloggers to hide behind. And I might as well put into practice something TV producer and author Barbara Hall once said: You’re alive. Do something.

Pithy, no? Most likely she tweeted it. But it makes sense. Hey, we just did something. I wrote this. You read it.

We must be alive.


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